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going the extra mile

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April 28, 2024


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He was working at the front desk of the hotel when I checked in. He asked me if I needed anything to make my stay go smoothly. I told him to meet me in my room in 15 minutes. When he showed up at my room, I ushered in and took him into the bathroom. Handed him a red wig, some makeup, a razor, some pink and white lingerie, and a pair of heels. I told him to start getting ready for me. He wanted to ask questions, but I told him to stop talking and start feminizing. 45 minutes later Sara Love walked out of the bathroom and into my room. I took him by the hand and led him over to me, put him on his knees and put him to work servicing my cock. Then I bent his ass over and fucked that boipussy relentlessly while calling him Sara. I turned him into the sweetest and sexiest cockslut at my disposal for my vacation. He might never be a man again

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